About Us

We have an experienced and professional team ready and able to take on any case effectively and professionally, we are able to offers a wide range of legal services related to the maritime sector of the Republic of Panama.

We are committed to work with our clients developing practical solutions to their legal problems, we develop and implement services according to the needs and structures of our clients, , always ready to assist you at all times in a personalized way.

We represent as deputy registered several flags such a Togo, Sierra Leona, Belize, Singapore and throughout the world, we registered hundreds of vessels under the Panamanian flag, our clients are ship owners, directors, marine underwriters, ship agencies, ship-chandlers, bunker suppliers, shipyards, banks and companies operating in any other areas related to shipping business and marine. Our areas of expertise are mainly registration of vessels under the Panamanian flag, Panamanian seafarer documents and trading of vessels; and shipping license, naval mortgages and other services, we have a wide range to offer our clients.

Our law team have an excellent staff group that can provide you Corporate – Offshore we give one on one support, our advisors are on hold to answer your questions, guide you through the offshore incorporation process online and recommend a variety of offshore banking institutions focus on offshore company incorporation as one of its main offshore corporate services. Operating through an offshore company allows you to conduct your business, bank transactions and personal financial affairs with maximum tax efficiently and a level of privacy and anonymity. Placing assets into an offshore company and incorporated legal structure provides a strong layer of protection from future liabilities. Panamanian Corporate Offshore companies are highly recommended.

We also have an outstanding staff banking executives and government regulators on staff, providing experience, valuable and practical, it is important to us offer the best choices of banks that suit your needs focusing on the laws of your state, we will set you on the right path and get you the best Bank Account for you.


Maritime Lawyers Bureau is a Panamanian law firm that provides legal services; our mission is to set the highest goals of ethics, honesty, loyalty and commitment, is important to us attend our clients, anticipate their needs with dedication and leave them desiring to maintain a long-term relationship with us.


At Maritime Lawyers Bureau, our vision is to develop and constantly improve as an integrated law firm focus our attention on the legal aspects of our client’s business to provide them solutions with expert legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. Our vision reflects our strict ethical values: loyalty, commitment, integrity, excellence and confidentiality.


Loyalty: We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics quality of service to leads our client satisfaction and success.

Commitment: Clients first, our work is handled timely and professionally.

Integrity: Doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. Our work reflects our best efforts.

Excellence: Establishing trust with all our clients and anticipate their needs serve with dedication an integrated.

Confidentiality: All the information and documentation that we manage, as your company and third parties, will be treated with total confidentiality.